Test 1 - NC Drivers License Test - DMV Question Dump

Pass your DMV test in first attempt in Charlotte, North Carolina Drivers license practice test, Take the test with actual questions from the North Carolina Drivers license exam. we have collected these questions from the previous attendees. 90% of questions are repeating form this pool of questions. In actual test you may find slight variation in language. we have high lighted the Key words in each question with Bold text for your attention. To pass DMV test, you must answer at least 20 questions correctly.

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How to use Denormalized Columns

Siebel uses Denormalized Columns to improve the performance of query operation in view where data visibility is restricted using Siebel View modes like Organization, Position etc. Denormalized columns are generally created for columns most frequently used for query like Contact First Name, Last Name etc.  These denormalized columns are created in Intersection tables of the base table with Position, Organization tables.  This provides an added improvement while querying for commonly used field

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